D-r Zlo
я убил зверя под баобабом
you can be a goody two-shoes till the end of your days
you can listen to them say: "Сrime never pays"
you can follow every law and be the big black bat

But why would you want to? Huh?
Where's the fun in that?

Where's the fun in tha-a-a-at?!

So, smile, darn you, smile!
Everybody loves to grin!
Follow my lead, recite my creed
and smile, darn you, smile!

Don't listen to the dullets say that life is a bore
Those fuddy-duddies spoil my fun!
That's why I strive to eradicate gloom
it's from that itch I made the switch
and chose my nom de plume!

The JOKER! [birds chirping]

There's the fun in that?
Ha ha ha!
There's the fun in tha-a-a-at?

So, smile, darn you, smile
everybody ought to laugh
and so, with glee
I do decree, just smile, darn you, smile!

so, when living gets a little rough
and you find it hard to cope
I'm the gent with just the stuff
to fill you full of hope

just smile, darn you, smile
everybody needs a clown

Now with one stroke
The final joke!

just smile, darn you,
SMILE! darn you, smile
everybody loves to grin
follow my lead, recite my creed
and smi-i-i-ile!
Darn you, smi-i-i-i-ile!